Women’s TREM

A group psychotherapy intervention for women who survived trauma and have substance use and/or mental health conditions. This model draws on cognitive-behavioral, skills training, and psychoeducational techniques to address recovery and healing from sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. Women’s TREM Groups are offered during the mornings and evenings. You do not have to have a substance use disorder to be eligible for program.

Men’s TREM

A substance use treatment group for men who have histories of trauma and want to learn ways of coping. This group recognizes that men usually need to focus on and develop skills to work effectively on emotions and relationships. The men’s model focuses more strongly on helping men to build an emotional and relational vocabulary.

TREM’s Three Major Components

  1. Helps group members learn strategies for self-control and accurate self-monitoring as well as ways to establish safe physical and emotional boundaries
  2. Focuses directly with traumatic experiences and its consequences
  3. Building skills