Gateway utilizes the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Treatment Criteria for placement into services.

Crisis Screening

GateWay Counseling Center offers free initial crisis screenings for the citizens of Laurens County and nearby areas. This screening is primarily for people that are seeking admission to higher levels of care such as Withdrawal Management (Detoxification) or Inpatient treatment. This screening is a brief interview that provides a snapshot of a person’s situation to initially identify what, if any, services are required. When a person requires a program that is more intense than we offer here we assist in a referral to an appropriate program. We are not affiliated with other programs so there may be additional admission requirements and wait lists for the programs identified as a possible referral.  This is a very important function of treatment; to make sure people get the intensity of services they need to get better.

*GateWay Counseling Center utilizes the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Treatment Criteria for placement into services.


GateWay Counseling Center believes that treatment is a process.  The first step is for a qualified staff member to complete a comprehensive assessment to determine your individual strengths, resources, and needs.

GateWay Counseling Center offers walk in assessments three days of the week to best serve the needs of our clients. No appointments are needed. The days and times are:

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at either 8:30 am or 1:30 pm.

People will be seen on a first come first serve basis. Please note that the process will take approximately 2 hours from start to finish. Please have a picture ID, any health insurance verification, and any referral paperwork ready when you arrive. See the ADSAP section for specific ADSAP enrollment requirements.

The assessment helps to pinpoint problem areas that will be the focus for treatment.  After the assessment, an individualized treatment plan is created for you with your active participation.  This plan addresses areas of concern.  Goals and objectives are used to help you know what accomplishments have been met and which have not during the recovery process. It is a guide or roadmap.