Our Adolescent Outpatient Program offers a wide variety of services to meet the unique needs of adolescents from ages 11 to 17 year-olds and their families dealing with a wide range of severity of substance abuse disorders or related elevated risk behaviors. Counseling is customized for each person based on their individual needs and can range from group counseling sessions once or twice per week to one-on-one sessions once every couple of weeks.

GateWay believes that family involvement in the treatment of adolescents is vital. We encourage supportive family engagement at all phases of the treatment episode. This family involvement portion will be tailored to each unique case.

* In regards to trauma related services, our adolescent clients are referred out to other behavioral health agencies such as: Beyond Abuse and Laurens Mental Health

HOPE (Having Only Positive Experiences)

Hope is an intervention program developed for adolescents that may be considering making considerable risky choices or hanging out with individuals that already are. We accept referrals from court systems, schools, and family/friends for this program.

Please call (864) 833-6500 and ask to speak with Heather Stone for more information.