Alcohol Enforcement Teams (AETs) are intended to implement evidence-based environmental strategies to reduce underage alcohol use and its harmful consequences. Enforcement of existing laws to restrict use and access by youth is one of the most useful tools in prevention, and prevention agency/law enforcement partnerships can lead to some of our most powerful and sustainable outcomes.

The AET model, which includes community coalition maintenance and development, merchant education, and law enforcement partnership, specifies a multi- or single-jurisdictional alcohol law enforcement approach (depending on the needs and participation of law enforcement within the target area) in a community to:

  • Reduce youth access to alcohol utilizing various strategies (social and retail access)
  • Measure, track, and improve merchant compliance with alcohol laws
  • Provide research-based merchant education
  • Build community support for enforcement of underage drinking laws through media advocacy and community coalition maintenance and development
  • Develop local law enforcement support for underage drinking prevention and enforcement efforts